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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I schedule an appointment ?
    1. If you would like to schedule an appointment , a booking form must be filled out FIRST. You can find these on my website at any time. 2. We do not perform business via text messaging. If you text or call without a booking form we will ask and remind you to please fill out a booking form and will address when we are at our desk. 3. We do not schedule appointments over the phone. Again , a booking form must be filled out. We need all the questions answered on the forms first before we can assist you. 4. Appointments will be confirmed by payment. You will receive your order link after a booking form is filled out. If you would like to schedule your appointment simply proceed to the payment link. Time slots will be on a first come first serve basis.
  • How much notice do you need to schedule my photo shoot?
    Ideally, for photo and video shoots 3 - 5 days notice should be provided in order to get your preferred date and time. I can occasionally accommodate last minute requests, but it is best not to rely on that. Twilight photo shoots are very popular and tend to fill up quicker. The more notice you can provide the better.
  • How are Images delivered and when will I get them?
    Delivery is through an online platform that specializes in the real estate industry. This user friendly program allows you to download both print quality and web/mls quality images . Your delivery also comes with a personalized property website/slideshow . It’s an additional service that we pay for but well worth it. Please SAVE all your images. Photo and Video turnaround time is up to 48 hrs and Photo only is up to 24 hrs.
  • Can we hang around during the photoshoot?
    Of course ! If you prefer as a home owner or agent to stick around that’s okay. However, we can produce BETTER photos during the limited time we are on the property when distractions are minimal and home is vacated.
  • How long will it take to photograph my property?
    The amount of time required to properly photograph a home or commercial building can vary greatly. The biggest factor is the size of the property. As a general guideline plan on about 1 hour. But many large homes and commercial or retail buildings can take longer for photography. The time required for your photo shoot can be discussed at the time you book it.
  • What is your reschedule and cancellation policy?
    I understand in this fast-paced world, things happen but if a cancellation is made less then 24 hours from our appointment time, we will need to charge a $75 dollar cancellation/reschedule fee. If by chance on arrival we don’t have access to the property or the property is not ready and we have to reschedule there will be a $150 on site cancellation fee.
  • Who owns the rights to the images?
    As a standard practice in photography , we retain the copyright to the images unless special arrangements are made and additional licensing fees are paid. Prices do NOT include anything more than MLS usage licensing, and related social media. Photographer has full rights to use the images as they desire. Only the original client is licensed to use the images, and that license is non-transferable. If the client is a home owner and later decides to hire an agent, that agent would need to re-license the images for them to use them. Agents may not transfer the license of images to another listing agent without relicense fees. This applies to vacation rental photography as well.
  • Should I arrive before our scheduled appointment or right at that time?
    Please Please Please arrive BEFORE your appointment time. At least 10-15 minutues to ensure the property is ready to shoot. This also allows time for you to talk to your client and let them know what is to be expected during the shoot if they are present.
  • Is there a difference between Vacation Rental Photography and Real Estate Photography ?
    One major way that vacation rental photos differ from typical real estate photos is in their use. Real estate needs are short term - a home needs to sell, photos get taken, it goes on the market, one buyer is secured, mission accomplished. Chances are the next time that home goes on the market, new photos will be needed to reflect any improvements done over time. With vacation rentals, though, the photos need to work for that listing around the clock and bring in bookings consistently. It’s no longer about one short mission to find that singular buyer; it now needs to draw in all sorts of people at a constant rate. You’re selling this space to people all over the world 24/7 . So the rate differences often come down to USE and TIME. Since vacation rentals are booking on a regular ongoing basis, these photos are generating profit for your clients regularly. Let’s look at a few stats: On average, property owners with professional photos increase their earnings by 40%, have a 24% jump in bookings, and are able to raise their nightly rate by 26% (source: AirBnB) Only 43% of vacation rental owners are currently using professional photography services. (source: Evolve) This means your clients still stand out from the hundreds of thousands of listings that are still not using a pro. Travelers are 83% more likely to inquire about a booking on listings with 20+ photos (source: FlipKey), so having a full and well-rounded set of photos is essential.
  • Can you just Photoshop that?
    Photoshop is an awesome tool with a lot of power. However, nothing replaces making sure the home is photo ready when the photographer arrives. Photoshop does not do windows, clean floors, put the kids toys away or play gardener. Keep in mind that the home will look as good in photos as it does in person. Additional fees may apply for photoshop requests.
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